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Greg Fritz

Greg Fritz
Director of Marketing, Legends Casino Hotel

"Without any kind of data analytics it's very difficult to

be successful at casino marketing, so Casino Science

provides us with that."

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant  
Slot Manager, Elwha River Casino


 "Casino Science made my life immensely easier. If I want to do a conversion, I can go and look at the numbers based on your recommendations."

James Dempsey

James Dempsey 
Slot Manager, Apache Casino Hotel

"Analytics isn't just flipping on a switch, it's building a data warehouse… and that skill set is very important and very hard to find."

Elwha River Casino - Slot Floor Optimization Case Study

Elwha has invested heavily in creating the best slot floor experiences for its local players, with an eye towards cultivating personal gaming connections through its products on the floor. As a result, Elwha has focused its efforts on optimizing slot floor product investments.

The largest monthly rewards program in the Northwest.

Casino Science manages delivery of hundreds of thousands of direct mail rewards for a casino in the Northwest.


Focusing on the high value players.

Host analytics empowers a casino’s Player Development team to focus on those players that are truly profitable for the property.

Evolving a stale monthly mailer program.

Casino Science helps a large mid-western casino evolve its monthly mailer program, producing a 34.9% improvement in average monthly Theo.


Declining headcounts
and play

Casino Science delivers a multi-layered promotion strategy to solve challenges with high and low end players

Addressing declining revenue

Casino Science restructures free play to better target player reinvestment, improving overall revenue by ~5%


Rethinking the tiered
rewards program

Casino Science restructures a tiered rewards program leading to a ~10% improvement in revenue and ~20% improvement in carded play

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