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The Challenge

A large midwestern casino's monthly mailer segmentation had not changed in 5 years - the
management team was eager to make changes to the primary retention program and identify
new criteria that would better incentivize gaming activity from a core audience of the property.

The casino also wanted to implement changes to the monthly mailer program in a way that would minimize player disruption to the proposed


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  • Casino Science provided recommendations on changes to the monthly segmentation framework by altering the in/out market definition and adding a theoretical component to the audience selection process.

  • Casino Science proposed a testing methodology using a control/test group framework to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed changes.

  • The company supported the operational delivery of the experiment and incremental rollout of the new mailer segmentation program.


  • The recommended criteria changes to the monthly mailer produced a 13.6% increase in the redemption rate and a 34.9% improvement in the average monthly Theo.

  • Free play liability used in the program was ~9.2% lower.

Evolving a stale monthly mailer program.

Casino Science helps a large mid-western casino evolve its monthly mailer program, producing a 34.9% improvement in average monthly Theo.

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