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The Challenge

The Player Development team at a Pacific Northwest casino did not have a systematic way of organizing and tracking their book of business. With thousands of coded players, the host team's player book was too large to properly manage.

There were many inactive and low value players in the host book which erroneously empowered hosts to focus on the wrong players. Moreover, hosts did not know if their activities were
materially moving the business forward.


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Casino Science delivered the following:

  • Pruned the host book using a data cleaning method to intelligently select the most appropriate players for the hosted program

  • Developed a host analytics dashboard that included:

    • Host View - detailed overview of the individual host's book

    • Player Preferences - reports on player preferences from prior restaurant and retail purchase behavior

    • Bet Anomalies - bet behavior change analysis

    • Non-Hosted Players - report that predicts potential hosted players based on prior play behavior


  • The Player Development team now has approximately 500 high value players per host assigned to them as part of the hosted program, enabling better focus on a smaller more meaningful distribution of players.

  • The new program has accelerated the property's evolution towards a sales driven performance model for its hosts.

Focusing on the high value players.

Host analytics empowers a casino’s Player Development team to focus on those players that are truly profitable for the property.

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