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Outsourced Marketing and Finance Analysts

Casino Science offers a flexible approach to managing the full spectrum of your organization’s casino marketing and finance needs through our outsourced analyst offering. Core analyst functions are staffed with a Casino Science resource, alleviating the challenges associated with finding a full-time resource in a competitive or destination market. Analyst responsibilities are tailored towards your specific requirements and can elastically scale up/down based on your business needs.

Outsourced marketing
Trio360 Outbound Player Marketing

Trio360 is an outbound marketing solution that turns your hosts into sellers. Trio helps player development teams earn more revenue per player while making player conversations more efficient and reducing the administrative costs with managing player reservations.

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Direct Mail Programs

Knowing how your player segments perform is fundamental to direct mail and tiered reward programs. We use scientific methods to evaluate the performance of your player database and ensure that the casino is receiving the highest return on investment. Using quantitative and qualitative techniques, our analysts review programs to understand effectiveness of reinvestment percentages to ensure you are receiving the highest return.

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Direct Mail Automation

Casino Science DM Automation automates the casino's critical monthly reward and newsletter programs. The solution selects audiences to participate in the monthly program based on automated calculations of player worth and patronage to the casino. Solutions are customized to support the most complex matrices and criteria. Workflow integration allows internal lists to be reviewed and approved by marketing and finance teams. On approval, final lists can be automatically transmitted to the direct mail provider.

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Slot Floor Optimization

Reel AI allows you to better configure your slot floor by product mix and spatial arrangement. The solution discovers which slot machine characteristics drive performance, finding the best possible changes to the mix of slot machines to suit the preferences and play characteristics of players. Moreover, it predicts the uplift in win from such changes.

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direct mail programs
directmail automation
slot floor optimization
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