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Azam from InfiGifts delves into how their platform is enhancing the loyalty and rewards experience for casino patrons, and the latest features and innovations.

Specail G2E interview.jpg

A great story from another happy customer. Thank you Yakama Nation Legends Casino!

American Place Casino

Thank you American Place Casino

american place.jpg
Chicken Ranch Casino

Great things to come with an incredible partner!

chicken ranch.jpg
InfiGifts expands offering to casinos

InfiGifts has unveiled new features designed to enhance the traditional promotional-gift experience at the casino.

InfiGifts expands offering to casinos.jpg
Passport Technology Lush Kiosk—
Demo video

See a demo of InfiGIfts on the Passport Technology Lush Kiosk!

Blue Lake Casino

Re-imagining gifting in the heart of the Redwoods. Thank you Blue Lake Casino!

blue lake.jpg
InfiGifts, Passport reimagine casino loyalty programs

Two companies are teaming up to make gift-giving and

gift-getting more rewarding for casinos and

their customers.

Passport Technology with Cleve Tzung

Passport Technology has produced an exceptional kiosk product. Hear Cleve Tzung talk about their Lush solution with Azam Husain

Featuted partner.jpg
InfiGifts is coming to a Passport Technology kiosk near you!

Casino Science to integrate InfiGifts with Passport Technology's Lush Kiosk

High Winds Casino

We are happy to announce and welcome our new client High Winds Casino

InfiGifts QR code

An InfiGifts QR code will soon be available on TransAct® Technologies printed vouchers! 


Casino Science developed InfiGifts to address challenges associated
with traditional gift-giving.

Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel

We are happy to announce and welcome our new client Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel

Strike and Win! — The Exclusive
Pre-Party Bowling Experience

The Exclusive Pre-Party Bowling Experience 

by Trio360 and InfiGifts at the  Kingpin VIP Lanes

and Lounge

Rolling Hills Casino and Resort

Antonio Perez, AGM and COO of Rolling Hills Casino and Resort, discusses the challenges and opportunities ahead in their business. 

Choctaw Casinos & Resorts

Rob Crowley, PMP discusses his strategic areas of interest for Choctaw Casinos & Resorts.

Gold Country Casino Resort

Listen to Frank Oppenheim talk about Gold Country Casino Resort's evolution.

The Heights Casino

Great things in gifting are happening at The Heights Casino!

the heights.jpg
Fortune Bay Resort Casino

Looking forward to doing great things together!

fortune bay2.jpg
CDC Gaming — Focus on InfiGifts

Delivering points shopping and player loyalty gifting ahead of IGA conference.

Delivering points shopping and player loyalty gifting .jpg
Player Loyalty Reward—Surprise Gift!

InfiGifts creates delightful and surprising experiences for players. Our goal is to build loyalty by providing rewards that players never expected!

surprise gift.jpg
River Bend Casino and Hotel

InfiGifts is re-imagining gifting at

River Bend Casino & Hotel!

Acres Cashless Casino

InfiGifts is bringing gift bonusing to the cashless experience! See Noah Acres from Acres give a demo of their cashless

casino solution!

Featuted partner_acres.jpg
Lush Kiosk Demo

Azam Husain and Diallo Gordon from Passport Technology talk about the InfiGifts partnership and Diallo gives us a quick Lush kiosk demo!

Featuted partner.jpg
Acres Partners with InfiGifts to Modernize Casino Gifting

InfiGifts is now part of the Acres Foundation

App Store!

TransAct Technologies Incorporated

Partnership with TransAct® Technologies on developing innovative ways to deliver gifting rewards to players

Keep on Giving- GGB Magazine

InfiGifts re-imagines continuity gifting for

the casino.

Sac & Fox Casino

We are happy to announce and welcome our new client Sac and Fox Casino

Great article on InfiGifts from the folks at CDC Gaming Reports!

InfiGifts aims to put the joy back into giving for casino operators

InfiGifts VIP Gift App

Win-River Casino VIP players use InfiGifts to receive

birthday rewards!

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Marketing Leaders’ Guide to Driving Host Productivity and Increasing Revenue

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Casino Science - Leading Data-Driven Innovation for Casino Marketing

Webinar - May 12, 2020

CDC Gaming/Casino Science COVID-19 Pandemic Series: Gaming in the Time of Coronavirus – Managing the Uncertainty Ahead

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Casino Science selected as CIO Review's 20 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers for Casinos in 2018

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¡Viva La Casino Analytics Revolución! – Parte II


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Article - Apr 5, 2018

¡Viva La Casino Analytics Revolución

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Five Ways to Avoid Buying A New BI System

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Using social media data to learn about your players.

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Location Analytics with Casino Science CEO and Founder, Az Husain.

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How to Pull the Data You Want with Your Existing Technology

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Transforming Your Casino’s Hosts to a Sales-Driven Player Development

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Zoominar - January 12, 2021

The Silver Lining in an Uncertain Year - How Casinos Can Take Advantage of Regionalization Effects

Webinar - July 6, 2020

CDC Gaming/Casino Science COVID-19 Pandemic Series: Strategies and Tactics to Avoid COVID-19 Infections at Your Casino

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Webinar - April 29, 2020

CDC Gaming/Casino Science COVID-19 Pandemic Series: Managing Your Property Reopening – The New Reality of the Slot Floor

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Article - Oct 14, 2018

CEO tells G2E panel: Track gaming, nongaming spending to figure a guest’s total value

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Article - May 4, 2018

How Big Data Shaped Today’s Casino and Why You Should Care

the evolution of big data.jpg
Article - Jan 15, 2018

Casino Analytics Is Entering a New Renaissance

Article - Oct 7, 2017

What Casinos Can Learn About Performance Management from Microsoft

Article - Jul 10, 2017

What You Need to Know About Cloud Computing - How this 21st century disruption will change casinos forever.

Article - Mar 16, 2017

Simplify your life and use automation to save time and money. Tools that work seamlessly behind the scenes to do the work for you.

Article - Dec 19, 2016

Are you sure your marketing investment is profitable? What my son’s swimming experience taught me about the importance of performance measurement.

Video - Oct 31, 2016

A primer on Casino Science - Meet Sam, a Marketing Director at a growing casino.

Article - Sep 19, 2016

How Amazon got me to open up my wallet - Using RFM at your property for smarter promotions and offers - Part II

Webinar - May 11, 2016

What every casino marketer should know about business intelligence - LCO Casino Case Study.

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