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Casino Science manages delivery of hundreds of thousands of direct mail rewards for a casino in the Northwest.


  • The monthly direct mail process was being manually delivered each month, taking significant time and resources away from other more pressing activities.

  • Changes to any monthly program required weeks of planning and resource time. The casino needed to create a more scalable process for delivering all of the casino’s monthly programs.


  • Automated tag and prize code creation in the casino management system

  • Automated player audience identification and list creation from the player database

  • Delivery of the direct mail lists to the mail provider

  • Management and delivery of the email marketing program

  • Analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of the monthly programs


  • The casino's mission critical monthly programs are successfully executed each month across hundreds of thousands of direct mail items.

  • Program changes to reward offerings like criteria, audience selection, timeframe, etc. can be implemented within days with minimal disruption, enabling much greater flexibility for the casino's Marketing team.

  • Automation components saved the casino approximately 60 hours a month in direct labor costs.

  • Reward program trends are tracked and evaluated in hours rather than days/weeks.

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