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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: [3/22/2022]

What do I need to know about InfiGifts before I start?

InfiGifts is an easy and fun way to claim gift promotions at your favorite casino. There are two primary requirements for using the app. First, you must allow the app to access your camera. This is necessary to scan the casino QR code. Second,  you must allow the app to use location services. This is necessary to ensure that you are claiming your gift at the casino. If you don't allow the camera or location services to be turned on, the app won't work.


Do I need to be at the property to claim a gift?

Yes - you must come into the casino to claim your gift.


How do I claim a gift at the casino?

It's simple! The first step is to find the QR code of the participating casino. This will typically be on the monthly direct mail piece that is sent to you by the casino. It may also be on signage at the casino itself. If you still don't see this, go to your participating casino's Players Club and ask them to share with you the InfiGifts QR code.


Next, tap on "Add Casino" in the top right of main screen. This will open up your camera and allow you to scan the QR code and add the participating casino. When the casino is added, tap into the casino and the promotion. From there, select the gift you want and follow the gift claiming steps.


How many gifts can I claim?

You can claim one gift. But, check back often - new promotions are always running. So you might qualify for another gift soon!


How do I track the status of my claimed gift?

Tap on the "Claimed Gifts" icon - the middle icon on the main screen. This screen will list out all the gifts you have claimed. Tap on the gift - you will see details of when the gift was Confirmed and Shipped on our end. When the gift is shipped, we will provide a tracking code that will allow you to track shipping direct to your home.


How long does it take for my gift to arrive?

This depends on many factors. But, typically we strive to have products delivered within 7-10 business days.


What should I do if I don't receive my gift?

Send us a message in the app. We're here to help! Tap on the "Claimed Gifts" icon and then tap into your claimed gift. In the top right hand corner you will see the word "SUPPORT". Click on that to start a chat session with a support analyst.


If there is a problem with a gift, can it be returned?

Work with the gift manufacturer for product support and/or replacement.






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